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Salt Systems for Pools

AquaRite Low Salt System

AquaRite Low-Salt System for Trévi Châteauguay Pool

The AquaRite AQRXL-LS-20CUL is the best-selling low salt electronic chlorine generator that does not require the mixing, measuring, or handling of corrosive chlorine in liquid, granular or tablet form. This option greatly enhances the bathing experience. These devices are easily installed on standard filtration systems of new and existing pools.


  • Designed for pools with less than 20,000 gallons;
  • It automatically produces the amount of chlorine needed while the pool is filtered;
  • Operates with only 1,200 to 1,800 ppm of salt to reduce corrosion and environmental concerns;
  • Fresh and healthy water that does not irritate the eyes and skin;
  • Easy installation and use;
  • It comes with a flow sensor probe that is directly connected in the housing;
  • 110 V electrical connection;
  • Turbo Cell 9 (CELL-9-CUL 25,000 gallons) included.

Aquatrol Low Salt System

AquaRite Low-Salt System for Trévi Châteauguay Pool

Hayward's new AquaTrol low salt system meets the expectations of salt chlorinator users by producing sumptuously soft water and providing a hassle-free sanitation system that now requires a much lower salt concentration. A lower salt content in the pool water is more environmentally friendly, lessens concerns about equipment corrosion, and reduces the amount of salt that needs to be purchased.


  • Installs quickly and easily on new or existing pools or can be used to replace an original AquaTrol;
  • Produces fresh, silky and sparkling water;
  • Eliminates skin dryness, eye irritation and hair discolouration associated with factory-produced chlorine;
  • Lower salt content in the water eliminates corrosion problems;
  • Safe for all types of above-ground pools;
  • Chlorine production capacity for above-ground pools that can hold up to 18,000 gallons (67,500 L of water).

Automatic Chlorine Dispenser

Chlorine automatic dispenser for Trevi Châteauguay above-ground pool

4.2 lbs Off-Line Chlorine Dispenser

Can be used on an above-ground or in-ground pool (small models - less than 50,000 L)

Efficient and maintenance-free, this automatic chlorinator is durable and corrosion resistant. It is perfect for new or existing pools and works with your pump and filtration system.