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Trévi UNIX Above-Ground Pool

Unix above-ground pool from Trévi Châteauguay

The Latest of our Solar Pool Collection

The Trévi Unix pool is made entirely of resin and is the latest addition to our collection of solar pools. Its contemporary look is part of a new and modern trend that will enhance the quality of your outdoor environment.

Create your custom Unix: available in round or oval shape, with a wide choice of walls, liners with varied hues and patterns, and optional multicoloured solar lights.

Shape and Size Selection

Round: 12', 15', 18', 21', 24' et 27'

Oval: 12' x 18', 12' x 21', 12' x 24', 15' x 24', 15' x 30', 18' x 33

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Structure Elements

  • 7" extruded resin rim;
  • Multicolour LED solar light (optional);
  • Injected resin joint covers;
  • Tongue and groove galvanized steel stabilizing tube;
  • 7" injected resin post;
  • 52" galvanized steel wall.

Steel Wall Components

  • Steel Wall Components
  • Molten zinc layer;
  • Primer;
  • Alkaline solution to remove oxides;
  • Steel body;
  • Anti-rust chromate layer;
  • Inlaid and heat-cured pattern;
  • Ultra-resistant polymer coating.

Wall and Rail

  • Corrugated steel wall;
  • 1 1/4'' galvanized steel bottom rail with Secure-Lock systemMC.

    Sécure-Lock System

Tréviclip Option: Exclusive Lining Retention System

Tréviclip Option

Prevents the lining from detaching itself in case of movement caused by freezing or thawing and increases the pool’s stability.

Available for “U-bead” linings only.

Available Above-ground Pool Liners

Trevi Châteauguay Above-ground Pool Liner Cobalt
Trevi Châteauguay Above-ground Pool Liner Colorado
Trevi Châteauguay Above-ground Pool Liner Gentilly
Trevi Châteauguay Above-ground Pool Liner Titanium

Trévi liners are computer-designed. They are then expertly hand-cut at specialized workshop, then assembled and hot sutured to ensure strength and watertightness. Your pool’s lining is a distinctive component, choose one that reflects your personality!

Above-ground pool External Walls available

Above-ground pool External Walls Supérieur
Above-ground pool External Walls Nature
Above-ground pool External Walls Drakkar

Unix Above-Ground Pool Projects

Realisation Unix above-ground pool from Trévi Châteauguay Realisation Unix above-ground pool from Trévi Châteauguay