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Goya above-ground pool from Trévi Châteauguay

The robust and elegant above-ground pool!

It has a rim, resin uprights and resin joint covers. The Trévi GOYA is available in various patterns

Choix de formes et de grandeurs

Ronde: 8', 10', 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27' et 30'

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Structure Elements

  • 7" extruded resin top seat;
  • Galvanized steel crown;
  • Injected resin joint;
  • Galvanized steel joint plate;
  • Resign upright;
  • Pool height 48" or 52".

Steel Wall Components

  • Plasticized SP coating;
  • Molten zinc layer;
  • Primer coat;
  • Alkaline solution to remove oxides;
  • Steel wall core;
  • Anti-rust chromate layer;
  • Inlaid and heat-cured pattern;
  • Ultra-sturdy polymer coating.

Wall and Rail

  • Corrugated steel wall;
  • Safe galvanized steel rail.

Tréviclip Option: Exclusive Lining Retention System

Prevents the lining from detaching itself in case of movement caused by freezing or thawing and increases the pool’s stability.

Available for “U-bead” linings only.

Available Above-ground Pool Liners

Toile de piscine hors terre Brighton de Trévi Châteauguay
Toile de piscine hors terre St-Paul de Trévi Châteauguay
Toile de piscine hors terre Travertine de Trévi Châteauguay

Trévi liners are computer-designed. They are then expertly hand-cut at specialized workshop, then assembled and hot sutured to ensure strength and watertightness. Your pool’s lining is a distinctive component, choose one that reflects your personality!

Above-ground pool External Walls available

Above-ground pool External Walls Magnum
Above-ground pool External Walls Nature
Above-ground pool External Walls Drakkar
Revêtement extérieur de piscines hors terre Industria de Trévi Châteauguay

Goya Above-Ground Pool Projects

Goya Above-Ground Pool Projects by Trévi Châteauguay Goya Above-Ground Pool Projects by Trévi Châteauguay Goya Above-Ground Pool Projects by Trévi Châteauguay